what size anklet should i get

what size anklet should i get

If you’re ordering anklets for yourself, or as an anniversary gift, the right size may be a problem. Some styles come with toggle clasps that are adjustable or enclosures, which is why they are regarded as “one size will fit all.” Some styles will need you to take measurements of your ankles to ensure the right size. The sizes can range from 8-9 inches for a small to an additional large of 11.5″ up to 11.5 inches. Jewelry designers can either categorize the ankle bracelets in accordance with small large, medium or large. or size based on inches.

For a precise measurement of your ankle to determine the proper size, take a measurement around the broadest part of your ankle using strings, ribbons or a flexible tape measure before laying it flat on the ruler to calculate the measurement of your ankle in inches. The majority of designers suggest adding 1/4-inch on top of the number you took to ensure you have the right hang. If your measurement for your ankle is 9 inches for example, and you’re seeking to hang it in a standard manner the size of your ankle would be 9.5 to 10. This is the standard size.

Specialty Ankle Bracelets

Custom-designed ankle bracelets are great gifts or jewelry pieces that are unique. Name plate or monogrammed anklets can be customized for you or a particular person. Custom-made ankle jewelry can be created using your own personal colors or designs. Ankle jewelry for weddings are usually made of blue and silver beads, giving a subtle accent of the traditional “something blue.”

Historical Information

Ankle jewelry isn’t a new trend. There have been anklets with ornaments for centuries, especially within Middle Eastern and Indian nations. Today, we tend to consider anklets to be an accessory, in some regions, they had a more significance. In certain regions of Africa for instance young women wore bronze anklets in order to promote marriage. They continued to wear the jewellery until they had their first child.

Anklets are also the most common accessories used in Middle Eastern dance. Coin anklets and bells are commonly used in these types of dances.

Several Different Looks

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to selecting an anklet. Take a measurement of your ankle and start your collection by going to couple of jewelry sites. You might be in love with a certain design, or you might need to pick something for every mood, occasion, and even a fashion statement.

Ankle bracelets , also known as anklets, are a cute and flirty accessories that women and men wear to provide a simple but amazing way to spice up casual outfits while providing the ideal finishing touch to your formal attire.

It’s fashionable even though it’s an accessory that’s been in use for a while. So, in addition to choosing the best anklet that is in line with your personal style, you should ensure that it fits your ankle with ease and it is in the proper location at the ankle.

What’s the average size of an anklet in inches for a female?

The average size for women’s ankle is 9″. This is applicable to all kinds of anklets. This includes ones with chains that extend.

If you ever take the measurements of your ankles, jewelry makers suggest adding between quarter-inch to one inch to the measurements of your ankles as it is all you can do to guarantee that the ankle bracelet offers you the perfect fit, and also ensures maximum and comfort.

Thus, the standard size of the anklet can vary between 9.5inches to 10 inches.

Anklet (Ankle Bracelet) Sizing Information

Measurements (Inches) Size:
8” – 8 1/2” 9” (Small)
8 3/4” – 9” 9.5” (Medium)
9 1/4” – 9 1/2” 10” (Med/Large)
9 3/4” – 10” 10.5” (Large)
10 1/4” – 10 1/2” 11” (Extra Large)
smaller than 8″ Talk to Jeweler
Greater than 11″ Talk to Jeweler

Are you wondering how to determine the correct size of your anklets? For determining your appropriate anklet size, you’ll must take the correct measurement of your ankle.

It is recommended to use the string or tape measure to determine the ankle’s circumference close to the bone of your ankle. After obtaining the measurements it is necessary to utilize an established reference to determine an exact measurement for your anklet.

The typical size of an ankle for the majority of people is 9 inches. In reality, 9.5inches is much more suitable, and is classified as a medium or small length for the ankle, with a 10-inch” ankle bracelet being regarded as a medium or large.

Also, if you’re measuring your ankle or trying to determine the ideal size of an ankle could be for a friend the average sizes can be useful.

Apart from the standard sizing provided by the majority of jewelers of the anklets are sold with a 1/2-inch space to adjust. This is the case for sterling silver, gold as well as beaded anklets.

Naturally, the design of the anklets with metallic designs is crucial in a similar way, as certain sterling silver or gold anklets are not able to accommodate adjustment.

See in the following table to determine the ankle bracelet size

1. How do you measure the size of your ankle without tape to measure

In the absence of a measuring tape, you could use an un-stretchy string or piece of cloth to measure the size of your ankle. The emphasis is on the non-stretch feeling of the measuring tools as you don’t want buy the wrong size of ankle due to a stretch mistake.

Apart from finding the right fabric In addition, you must measure your ankle during times when you’re relaxed , rather than when your feet are swelling from sitting for too long or from traveling.

To determine the size of the ankle to determine the ankle size, first mark one spot either on string, or a a piece of clothor fabric. String it over the ankle or beneath an ankle bone. The string should fit snugly but not too tight. Mark the point with pen at the opposite part of the string, or on the fabric to mark the place where the two meet.

Then, you can transfer the measure to the ruler, or bring the string to the jeweler. Add 1/2 or 1/4 inches for the dimensions made in accordance with your preferred anklet design.

You could also make use of your old anklet to measure the length of your ankle without having to fiddle with tape measures, string gauges or size charts.

If your old anklet is too tight and uncomfortable, you may wish to add at minimum an inch to the length of the ankle to ensure maximum comfort. Also, your jeweler can advise you regarding this.

2. Take into consideration the kind of ankle bracelet that you would like to purchase

The above advice is usually great for bracelets made of metal. However, if you plan to purchase a beaded bracelet it is important to take into account the additional length that is due to dimensions of beads.

Generally speaking, you should must add at minimum half an inch for anklets made of tiny beads. However, for anklets with larger beads, you will need to increase the length to account for larger beads.

To avoid mistakes in sizing to avoid mistakes in sizing, take measurements the way that you do for the chain. You can then check the ankle bracelet prior to when you make the final decision. This allows you to accommodate the additional length of your anklet and ensures a ideal fit for your anklet.

Tips for Getting the Perfect Anklet Size

1. Make an allowance

Even if it is known the approximate size of your ankle and also the size of your anklet we suggest that you give yourself the ankle a minimum of one-half inch.

The greatest benefit of it is the fact that it’s not large enough that the foot to drop just below the bone of your ankle however enough to guarantee an appropriate size.

For larger bracelets made of beaded beads You should make more space for the length of the anklet.

2. Be prepared for changes in your body’s physiology.

If your feet and ankles tend to get swollen after a long journey or towards the end of the day, for any reason, it is important to provide an allowance of at least one inch.

If you prefer, choose anklets that have an extended length to give you more mobility and the most comfortable.

3. The bracelet you are wearing is not reliable.

Although there are times when you could wear it as an anklet or bracelet, measurements of these two pieces of jewelry is not always accurate and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

The only instances when the bracelet can be used as an anklet is when the bracelet is a stretchable chain, or you permit anyone less to yourself (daughter or niece) to wear the bracelet for the anklet.

Be aware that the typical length of women’s bracelets is 6.5-7″ and the typical size of an anklet is between 9 and 10 inches.


Choose an anklet that is around your ankle, and above the ankle bone and comfortable, not too tight or loose that it falls to below the bone of your ankle.

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