Ankle Bracelet Meaning: How to Wear an Ankle Bracelet

Ankle Bracelet Meaning: How to Wear an Ankle Bracelet

What’s the significance of wearing an ankle bracelet? Find out what is the meaning behind an ankle bracelet is, and the best way to wear one.

Anklets (aka ankle bracelets) are an adorable and flirty accessory to spice your casual wear or giving the finishing look to formal attire. If you’re an expert at ankle chains or are looking to play with the latest fashions and trends, you’re at the right spot.

We’re not only going to dive into the history behind ankle bracelets and their meaning, but we’ll also be giving our best tricks to looking the best when wearing the latest anklet.

Let’s take a dive!

Ankle Bracelet Meaning Revealed

Anklets found in the Eastern culture are from the time of ancient times. In actuality, they were found within Sumerian burial sites that are more than 4500 years old!

They were among the first humans to walk across the earth and were the first to put on anklets. How cool is this? !

The artifacts were created using a variety of metals and stones that were both rare and widespread in nature.

In the past, in India married women used to wear ankle bracelets that were adorned with charms. So that men could see them coming and refrain from discussing disrespectful things that were happening in their presence.

If we go further to the time of the ancient Egyptians the anklets are worn by ladies to signify their status as socially privileged.

Ladies who wore silver or gold anklets with precious stone finishes were typically wives of rich men. Slaves, on the contrary have worn anklets constructed from leather.

We are now in the moment. There are many rumors about the meaning of anklets.

One reason is that women wearing ankle bracelets on their left foot show the signs of the midst of an intimate relation (allegedly). However, this isn’t always the situation!

When Should I Wear an Anklet?

If you are working at home or are in a location that has an informal dress code anklets that look casual shouldn’t be worn in the office.

Anklets with a delicate design in silver or gold are an ideal choice for formal and work events. They’re perfect to office environments or even for the opera.

It is also recommended to be wary of wearing anklets with bells if you’re in a peaceful, like an church, library or even a cemetery. The most important thing is not to be a nuisance by your choice of jewelry.

Here are some places you can rock your ankles with pride:

  • The beach
  • The pool at the hotel
  • Socializing with friends
  • While on vacation
  • A festival
  • At a gathering with new people

The best tip is to if the anklet you’re sporting get yourself a manicure and slip on some beautiful sandals to finish the style (sliders or flip-flops with a backless loafers, they all are great!)

Don’t wear ankle bracelets when wearing pants because it can cause harm to it and that’s not an ideal thing.

Also, ensure that your anklet isn’t too tight that you can wear it comfortably. It’s not a good idea to cut in your skin. Consider an anklet that is adjustable in length to find the best size.

Outfit Suggestions

If you’re not sure which outfit to wear your anklet , keep it with a simple pairing: pair an ankle bracelet made of silver with jeans, jeans or a skirt, and white blouses or t-shirts.

Wear an anklet in conjunction with:

  • Miniskirt
  • Little Black Dress
  • Bodycon Dress
  • Leggings

Opt for a light anklet. It is a straightforward but effective method of highlighting the amazing shoes you have chosen.

If you are unsure, stay clear of excessive patterns on your clothing. Along with an anklet, this can appear too hectic.

Which Anklet Looks Best?

Anklets are available in many kinds of styles and colours. Here are some options:

Golden Anklets

They exude sophistication and class particularly when they feature precious stones. In general, golden anklets are a beautiful single chain or two small ones that are stacked one on top of the other.

They are ideal to wear for special occasions or event, and are paired with a gorgeous pump in black. Also, consider pairing the golden anklet with a chic pair of pumps. Both look extremely well.

Sterling Silver Anklets

Silver anklets in sterling silver are more informal than golden anklets, they’re great for adding the boho vibe into any formal outfit. When worn with a stylish pair of sandals for summer and a pair of classic sandals, you’ve got a timeless style!

The best tip Top Tip: In the event that you’re jewelry made of sterling silver is small (as instead of chunky) Avoid large chains and jewelry. Instead, choose pieces that highlight the colors of the metal like an engraved toe ring with silver tone or simple chains of silver.

Barefoot Anklets

For those who don’t know the barefoot anklets begin from the bottom of your ankle. They extend across the upper part the foot and then end with an toe ring.

This is akin to an anklet with no sole, hence the name “barefoot anklet.’ They’re a great addition to your beach or festival outfit.

Beaded Anklets

Beaded anklets make the perfect option for those looking to jazz up the look of a dress for club and add a touch of flirty joy to an romper or to complete the look with a bohemian theme. It is possible to layer multiple beaded station anklets to create an incredibly unique style! This kind of ankle bracelet is very versatile since it’s ideal for heading to the beach or hitting the bar or even going to the ball. Wear your favourite shoes and you’re set to go!

If you are unsure, choose an anklet that is plain in color. It is an excellent accessory to own because you can wear it with almost every outfit.

Anklet Fun Fact

Jennifer Lopez wore a stunning diamond anklet at an evening at the Golden Globe after-party. It was a perfect match for her white cut-out dress with a striking side slit as well as pointed-toe pumps.

In reality, it appears the actress is an obsession with anklets! If anklets are adequate for J.Lo then they’re perfect for us!

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