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Here we highlight some of the most popular styles of 925 silver anklets that we currently love. Whether you’re looking for something sophisticated, timeless, stylish or luxurious, our list has something for you.

925 Sterling Silver Gold Anklets Ankle Bracelets For Women For Teen

As you explore and enhance your personal style, don’t forget the power and beauty of body jewelry. Channel the bohemian goddess within and try adorning your ankles with one of our stunning 925 sterling silver chain ankle bracelets. In our elegant anklets selection, you will find beautiful, high quality designs created with 925 sterling silver, 14K gold plated, cubic zirconia, synthetic and natural gemstone and brightly colored enamel. This fun, playful style is perfect for rocking in the warm weather, when you are baring more skin, and you will feel instantly transformed into a fashionista. This style has a care- free, free spirited feel with boho chic appeal. Our anklets will complete and accentuate you style. Shop our affordable collection.

Our gorgeous collection of foot jewelry ankle bracelets for women for teens, features a wide variety of styles and designs catering to many tastes and aesthetics, so you are sure to find the right one for you. Explore our selection and you will find classic, cz anklets, edgy handcuffs anklets, dangle heart charms anklets, Celtic knots anklets, lucky clovers anklets, sweet, nautical designs and mesmerizing evil eye anklets and dainty bracelets. Synthetic and natural gemstones like reconstituted turquoise or colored cz’s enhance a beautifully designed, 925 silver anklet adding a pop of vivid color and more visual interest.

Since our anklets collection also features stackable ankle bracelets, let everyone recognize your trendy style and try layering more than one ankle bracelet for an eye-catching, stacked look. Anklets make any outfit complete and add a unique and alluring look to your style.

Why do I need a silver anklet?

Silver is an allergy-resistant precious metal with a bright, brilliant color. It reflects light beautifully and complements all skin tones from light to dark. Silver and gold are two of the most popular jewelry materials, with silver being the more affordable of the two.

Sterling silver jewelry is durable and, when properly cared for, will last you a lifetime. Sterling silver by itself is too soft to be used in jewelry making. To strengthen the material, a small amount (7.5%) of another metal, usually copper, is added. This mixture of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals is called sterling silver, or 925 silver. Because sterling silver is not suitable for making durable jewelry, many people actually refer to sterling silver when they name jewelry as real silver, sterling silver, sterling silver or sterling silver.

Not only is 925 sterling silver durable and luxurious, but it is also always a pleasure to wear due to its anti-allergy properties.