how to make anklets

how to make anklets

I’m sure that everybody has seen one of these anklets once in their lives. I personally survived in junior high making these for fun and to keep me busy. These anklets with vibrant colors are not just fun and addictive, they are also easy to make. If you are able to tie knots, you can create one of these anklets.

Are you looking for a project to be carried around with you? With only the embroidery thread and scissors and something to secure it something like binder or safety pin clip, everything you need can fit into the smallest of storage bag. Here’s how to create anklets using embroidery thread.


  • 4 threads of embroidery in four colorsEach thread is cut into pieces of 90 inches.
  • Scissors


  1. Place your threads in a row and fold the threads in half. On the middle line, make an overhand knot approximately 1 inch from the middle line. This creates the loop that you can tie your anklet to an ankle later.
  2. Then, pair your colors with their color mates. After that, you will have four matching pairs. For me, it’s deep blue and teal light yellow and white.
  3. Beginning by putting the first pair of strings on your left, grab your first string, and then hold straight through your palm to your curled fourth and pinky fingers. Keep fingers extended towards the right, and your thumb pointed upwards.
  4. Use the second thread to make it straight. Then, grasp it with your thumb, putting it in the groove between the thumb of your your first finger. The end of the second thread above the one you have thread, making a 4-shaped. Take the tail of your second thread. slip it underneath the thread that was first, and through the hole and then move the knot toward that top edge of the thread with your left hand, with the thread pulled towards the right. Repeat the process to make the second knot. Move your first thread out of your way to move it towards the left. The thread you are holding on your left side will be your primary thread, and the thread on your right hand will make knots.
  5. Utilizing the second thread you used before, grab your first thread of your next pair , and tie two knots in the same manner as the earlier step. Continue to tie 2 knots for each thread using the thread that you started this row using until both the threads tie 2 knots. This is the first row. It’s not a lot right now, but just wait until you can see rows!
  6. Once the first row is completed the threads should look as follows (using my colors to illustrate) Two teal, one blue two light yellows, two whites, and one blue.
  7. You’ll need to put your first thread that is along the line ( my thread is the one that’s a mate to the blue thread I used) This is your knot thread and the thread of the second group (mine is teal) will serve as your main thread. The teal thread should be held straight through your palm and through your fourth, middle and pinky fingers, keeping one finger stretched towards the right and your thumb pointed upwards. Grab your blue thread and pull it straight . Then hold it by placing your thumb inside the groove between the thumb and the first finger. The thread’s tail over the top first, creating a 4- form. Then , using the tail for your blue thread. slide it beneath the teal thread, into the hole, and then pull the knot to at the very top with your left hand, with the thread pulled to the left. Repeat the process for the second knot. Move the string that you are using away from the direction and towards the right.
  8. Repeat knotting 2 knots for each core string until the end of your row, then begin the next row with the string left to be the knot string.
  9. Keep doing these until your ankle is of the right length that is appropriate for the ankle you’re creating it for. Finish by knotting an overhand knot to the row that you completed.
  10. Divide the threads and then tie them in half-four and four. Then braid the two sections. It is possible to add an additional thread to a different thread of a 3 strand braid, or create a 4-strand braid.
  11. After you’ve finished, secure the anklet on your ankle. Run one of the braids through the loop at the end that is at the beginning of the anklet, and tie it to the braid on the opposite side.

How to size an anklet

What is the average length of an anklet? You will need to decide how long your ankle bracelet should be before you start making it. The average bracelet is approximately 7.5 inches long, which is about 19 cm. However, an average anklet is 9 inches, which is around 23 cm. Your anklet may need to be made shorter or longer depending on how large it is.

Measurement for an ankle bracelet: Wrap a flexible tape around your ankle. It should be in the same area as the anklebone. Avoid wrapping the tape too tightly or loosely. A good rule of thumb is to leave enough room between your anklets and the tape for one finger. You can wrap a piece or yarn around your ankle and mark the spot where it meets the other end. Then measure the string with a ruler or standard tape.

It’s easy to make anklets

These DIY anklets are perfect for those who don’t want anything too fancy. These simple-to-make anklets will show you how to make anklets that look great and are easy to put together. This section contains a variety of media. You can choose which ones you like the best or that will best suit your next outing. These projects are great for beginners who want to learn how to make jewelry. These quick crafts will make you ready for bigger projects.

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