Is 14K Italy Gold Chain Real? (Help)

Is 14K Italy Gold Chain Real

The wearing of gold jewelry, specifically a premium quality and reasonably priced 14K Italy gold jewelry is a fantastic option to enhance your look. While it’s not so pure and pure like 24K gold it’s genuine and is a standard for gold jewelry that is distinguished by its stunning vibrant yellow hue.

In essence, the most difficult thing is determining if the 14K Italy gold chain genuine or fake. Its quality is indicated by 14K Italy 585 or 14K Italy in the case of any absence suggests that you’ve got an unauthentic item of jewellery. It is also possible to discover pieces that bear marked with forged marks, therefore it is vital to be vigilant and confirm the authenticity of the item.

14K Italy Marking’s significance

If you own an gold chain identified in 14K and you are aware that only 14 of 24 components of the metal that make up the chain are made of gold. Other components are made from metal alloys. Be aware that this does not mean that the chain is counterfeit, but that its value is based on the amount of gold in it.

You’ve probably heard gold jewelry is stamped 14K or 18K or 20K. It can also be identified as 22K, which indicates its pureness. It is also possible to find the 8K, 10K, and 12K gold. However, these are not as good quality. In many nations, 10K and 8K aren’t considered to be gold and do not have any markings.

Pure gold branded with 24K is extremely rare and expensive. It can be difficult to work with due to its softness. It is required to mix the pure metal with other metals in order to create a more streamlined form.


In terms of the fineness markings 14 parts gold indicate that 58.5 percent part of the chain composed of gold. So, it is possible to see a 585 stamp on jewelry manufactured in Europe in lieu of 14K, which is represents the US standard uses.

Italians are a bit different as they typically employ the 14K Italy mark. The Italian portion of the mark will indicate that the gold originates from Italy, and the chain made from it is one of the best quality gold jewelry you could come across.

Be aware that it’s exactly the same as other kinds of gold. As an example, for instance you could find a 750-mark on European gold, which means that you’re looking on a chain of 18K gold. The 18 pieces of gold contained in it show that there is 75% gold contained within the piece. But the Italian market generally sells fourteen-karat gold and 18K gold is not as popular.


Understanding the distinct characteristics of this type of gold can help you identify it faster. As with all golds 14K Italy is yellow, however its hue is brighter than the majority of other gold-type shades. But, it is evident that it’s significantly lighter than 24K gold..

Be aware that the hue of the various 14K gold chains may differ slightly due to the different alloys of metal used in the process. It is interesting to note the fact that 14K Italy is more difficult to work with than the 18K or 24K gold.

Motives for 14K Italian Gold Chain is Highly-Praised

Motives for 14K Italian Gold Chain is Highly-Praised

Italian jewelers create some of the most gorgeous chains of gold as well as other jewelry pieces around the world since they have perfected their jewelry-making techniques throughout the centuries. Their unique style is well-known throughout the world.


It is believed that the Italian tradition of making gold began during Roman times, however the techniques dating back to Ancient Etruscans. Romans did their best in advancing the process in early Middle Ages.

Even contemporary jewelers employ similar techniques to maintain the high quality and traditional that is characteristic of Italian jewels made from gold. Modern design tends to mix traditional elements with contemporary designs. This is why the term 14K Italy gold remains an indication of quality design and precision.

Be aware the fact that 14k Italy gold isn’t much different from gold that comes from other places. The secret behind Italian jewellery quality, and especially chains, lies in manufacturing techniques for jewelry.


The 14K Italy gold price could be quite different, based on the market and the state’s economy, tax and regulations, market offerings and other requirements. There is a US government has imposed the importation tax to be a specific one for important Italian jewelry that isn’t applicable to other countries.

In the end, Italian gold is significantly costlier in US when compared with other jewelry made of gold. But, the price of Italian gold isn’t fixed however, it is based on the place you purchase it.

Its price is determined by the weight of the chain in the majority of cases and is around 1100 dollars per troy one ounce ($35.5 for a gram). As a gold chain weighs anywhere from 0.105 to 1.7 an ounce (3 50-150 grams) it is easy to determine the price.

You can tell the real 14K Italy Gold Chain from Fake

As the most popular metal, the 14K type is the most frequently counterfeited. So, it is common to see five85 as well as 14K Italy marks on a chain of jewelry without gold. Let’s look at ways to recognize the fake.

1. Price that is a bit skewed

Beware that a shockingly low cost is the first indication that the chain is most likely fake. However some shrewder sellers will demand a substantial amount of money in order to make their jewelry appear more authentic.

Most of the time, less expensive items that are sold on the internet or in marketplaces that are shady are usually fake. One way to prevent these scams is to purchase jewelry from trustworthy shops.

2. Gold-Filled Jewelry

Another thing to look out for are jewelry items composed of base metal that has the thin gold layer that is applied to the surface. In certain instances, the gold coat may be 24K, however it will not impact the price.

One of the biggest problems is gold-filled jewelry composed of base metal, and then covered in 10K and 12K gold. For example that a layer of 12K gold on top of the metal base indicates that the piece is only less than 5% gold.

The calculations are precise. The gold coat only makes just 10% of the jewellery piece. If you are aware that 12K gold is only 50% pure 24K gold, this 10 percent of 50% means that the jewelry piece that is gold-filled just 5percent pure gold. If you know a little Math and a bit of math, you can determine the same amount as 14K gold.

The most common markings on these pieces are 1/20th GF 1/20th GF as well as 1/20 12K Gold-Filled. The issue is that counterfeiters usually take these marks off to replace with more quality marks.

3. Coloration

Be aware the fact that 14K Italy gold does not rust or change color with time. If you spot spots of black or green spots on the chain or the color is peeling off it’s a clear indication that the item is counterfeit.

4. Smell

If your jewellery has an aroma that resembles a coin, it signifies that it isn’t genuine. In contrast to other metals, noble metallics such as gold don’t possess any smell.

5. Weight

Real gold is of a good weight and density as opposed to fake gold, which is lighter. However, this isn’t an absolute indicator since hollow pieces of jewelry may also be lighter. It is best to check it.

6. Scratches

To perform this technique you will require a non-glade ceramic dish. If the gold in your jewelry leaves an unreadable black trace after lightly rubbing it against the plate You can be certain that it’s not real gold. Make sure not to harm the jewellery while examining it.

7. Bite Method

It sounds odd but it’s actually effective. Genuine 14K Italian gold will scratch little bit when you bite it but fake gold won’t. This method, however, isn’t 100% reliable as it is possible that the gold-plated as well as the gold-filled items are also likely to scratch. Additionally, it is possible to cause damage to teeth if the piece is not genuine.

8. Magnet Test

It isn’t magnetic therefore a magnet will not draw it. This isn’t very accurate since 14K gold has various metal alloys and magnets can draw them based on their nature. But, it could give you a great basis for further investigation.

9. Acid Test

The most reliable method to check the quality of the quality of your 14K Italy gold chain is with the acid test. You can purchase an acid test kit on the internet and examine your jewelry yourself However, a better option is to allow a professional perform the test for you.

Most jewelry stores have the tools to conduct this test. The process isn’t difficult. A jeweler will test that by roughening up the chains against an examination stone. Then, he will apply nitric acid on the scratch. At the end of the day, it can be used to determine the value of the jewellery after an chemical reaction.

14K Italy Gold Chain Advantages and Advantages And

A basic understanding of knowing the basics of 14K Italy gold jewelry will help you understand its worth and authenticity. Like all other products that you purchase, that 14K Italy gold chain comes with its benefits and disadvantages. Let’s look at the 14K Italy gold chain.


  • You can expect a stunning design for a very reasonable price.
  • Due to the long-standing tradition of jewelry making 14K Italy gold jewelry is produced with great precision.
  • Gold is top quality.
  • This jewelry is less expensive than pieces of 18K, or those with higher-quality.


  • Because of the tax rates on imports This jewelry is higher priced than similar items available in the market
  • There are many counterfeited items


In the majority of cases the 14K Italy gold chains are probably the most appropriate option you get, and it will add to your fashion. Make sure to look for the 14K Italy or 585 marks to ensure that you get a genuine piece. Be cautious as there are many fake jewellery pieces that you don’t need to worry about.

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