How Much Does Permanent Gold Teeth Cost?

How Much Does Permanent Gold Teeth Cost?

They are a great way to replace missing teeth. People have used them for many years. They can also be very attractive so some people use them to enhance their looks.

You are likely reading this because you plan to buy a set of permanent gold teeth.

This article will explain everything you need about permanent gold teeth. It also outlines the pros and cons of temporary alternatives.

What are Permanent Gold Teeth?

Permanent gold teeth are simply caps that are permanently attached to your jawbone. Implants are the best option. Implants are permanent, unlike grillz which can be removed at any time.

The most popular type of implant is the subperiosteal, and they are less common.

Implants of gold are usually not 100% pure gold. To make an alloy, gold is often mixed with other metals such as silver, platinum, and copper. This makes it harder than pure gold.

In order to install gold teeth implants, the roots and natural teeth must be removed completely. This is a more invasive procedure that will require a local anesthetic. It also takes longer to heal.

After the natural teeth have been removed, an incision will be made to expose the jawbone. The implants will then be drilled. Temporary crowns will then be placed on your head while you wait for the healing process to complete. After that, permanent gold crowns will be fitted.

Although the whole procedure is costly, gold implants can be a great choice if you’re looking for a permanent solution for a missing tooth. Implants are not recommended for improving oral health. If it is possible to avoid removing healthy teeth, there is no reason to do so.

Which Karat is Better for Gold Teeth?

Which Karat is Better for Gold Teeth?

Karat (K), is the measurement of gold purity. An 10K or 24-K can mark a gold tooth, with 24K being purest and 10K being least pure.

Do you think that a higher number of karats means better teeth?

But not necessarily. Gold teeth of a higher purity are more flashy and less likely to tarnish but they are also the most delicate.


Pure gold is extremely soft and bends easily. A gold tooth that has a lower karat will be stronger, as the gold has been combined with other metals to make them stronger and more durable.

A set of 10K gold teeth will be more durable than one made from 24K gold. They will also be less expensive because they contain less gold. They are less likely to tarnish than teeth made of higher karats gold and have less shine.

14K and 16K are middle-tier options. They have more gold which gives them a nicer shine. They are also more durable because they contain more other metals.

The 18K set is for those who want a more intense gold tint and are willing to pay a bit more. This option will not be as strong as the 14K, but it will still be bright and won’t fade as easily.

What is the Value of Gold Teeth Implants?

Implants are the best option for permanent gold teeth. Prices will vary depending on the size and location of the implant, the purity of gold, the location, and the exact location of the tooth to be replaced. You may also be affected by fluctuations in gold prices. Here’s a breakdown of the total cost.

Gold Teeth Implant Method Price in USD
Implant to jawbone procedure $1, 600 – $2, 000
Abutment screw (per piece) $225 – $400
Crown (per tooth). $1, 000 – $1, 200

Are permanent gold teeth better than temporary?

Are permanent gold teeth better than temporary?

Cost is an important factor to consider when making a decision about whether you want permanent or temporary gold teeth. The crown will cost $1, 000, as shown in the above. Even if you choose to have the crown made without jawbone implants, it will still be expensive.

Remember that the quality of your gold will affect the price.

Temporary golden teeth such as grillz offer more flexibility. You can also change your style at any time. These teeth are also less expensive than permanent counterparts. Implants are still affordable, even if they are of the highest quality.

Grillz have one drawback: they are difficult to clean and require regular care. You can’t wear grillz all day; they must be taken off when you eat, sleep, or smoke.

It all depends on your goals and what you want to accomplish. A permanent solution is best if you are replacing a lost tooth. Temporary options are better for aesthetic reasons.

Permanent gold teeth implants are good for you

People who want to permanently change their smiles can choose gold implants. These are the most popular:


Implants last a lifetime and can be used for life. After the implant has been fitted, it can be used just like a natural tooth.

The color of your existing teeth will almost match the color of the whitegold implant. This option is ideal for those who want a natural appearance.

Low maintenance

Implants made of gold can be used to replace natural teeth. You can brush them every day just like you would with your original teeth.

Implants aren’t susceptible to tooth decay or infections but the surrounding gum and teeth can still be affected by bacteria. Make sure that implants are kept clean to ensure the health of surrounding gums and teeth. This will help to prevent infections of the jawbone.

Prevent Bone Absorption

The surrounding bone loses its mass when a tooth is removed from the jaw. This eventually leads to a weakening of the whole jaw. This increases the likelihood of serious fractures. Implants strengthen the jawbone and prevent it from losing its mass.

One drawback to gold-tooth implants is their price.

Because of the amount of work involved, it can take quite a while. It takes a lot of time for the implants to heal after they have been placed.

The entire process can take several months. People may view the lengthy healing process as a problem, particularly if they are looking to smile naturally again and eat normally.

Are there any permanent gold teeth?

Are there any permanent gold teeth?

Permanent gold teeth are possible for anyone who is healthy enough to undergo oral surgery.

The procedure must be successful if the gums are healthy and the jawbone is strong enough to support it. You must be consistent with your dental care and maintain good oral hygiene.

People who smoke heavily, have had neck/head surgery, or have uncontrolled chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease, should be evaluated regularly. Talk to your dentist before you decide to have teeth implants.

Is your dental insurance able to cover the procedure?

Most likely not. Implants are not covered by basic dental insurance. Your regular insurance policy may not cover implants. Coverage is possible depending on the reason for tooth loss and your particular insurance plan.

Your insurance company should be consulted about your dental concerns. This is the best way for you to find out if the procedure will be covered.

How does gold compare to other materials used to make permanent teeth?


For many years, gold has been used for permanent crowns and implant making. It is still widely used today because of its durability and fewer reactions than other metals.

However, gold crowns may not be as white as natural teeth. This can make it difficult for some people to keep their natural color. It is best to use it for the back teeth in such cases.

To enhance the porcelain’s durability and appearance, gold can sometimes be mixed with it. The karat of the gold used will determine how dominant the color is. This can make porcelain look less natural. Also, porcelain-fused gold can be more expensive than other materials.


Crowns made of porcelain look more natural than the original teeth and are therefore the most attractive. They are also known to reduce temperature-related sensitivity, making them more popular.

However, porcelain, like gold, has its drawbacks. The most common is the fragility. Porcelain is susceptible to breaking so it is often mixed with other metals in order to make it more durable. It is better for the front teeth.


Metal crowns are the best option if you’re looking for the cheapest. They are strong and can withstand hard biting and chewing. They can be used to crown your molars. However, you should not be sensitive to metal.

If you want more durability, you can mix metal with porcelain. The porcelain will not obscure the metal. The porcelain can break depending on the location of the tooth. You will need to spend more money to fix it.

Although it can be expensive, gold is an option that will last a lifetime if you need to replace your back teeth. It is stronger and won’t cause sensitivity like metal. Porcelain, while cheaper, is less durable. If you want something lasting, it is not the best choice.

How to Avoid Fake Gold for Your Permanent Teeth

There are many dentists out there promising the best results. It can be hard to know who to trust.

It can be difficult to tell if the gold you choose is genuine if your permanent teeth are being customized. These are some tricks that will help you identify fake gold.

  • Take It Bite On

Your teeth will make small dents in the gold if it is real. Fake gold won’t dent if you put your teeth in it. Don’t bite too hard!

  • Check for Stamps

You should look for markings that indicate the Karat value. A stamp should be placed somewhere on real gold that is marked with the Karat value, such as 10K or 14K. Depending on the purity of the gold. This test is not applicable to gold from outside the United States.

  • Check out the Color

To check for discoloration, look at the metal’s surface. You can tell if the gold is fake if you see small, black spots or discoloration. This step may require you to use a magnifying lens because some spots are very small.

  • Feel the Weight

The metal gold is heavier than other metals so if yours feels lighter, you can return it. Although this may not be the best test, if your gold feels almost weightless, it is likely fake.

  • Use a Magnet

Magnetic properties are not a characteristic of real gold. A magnet that pulls closer to gold can be a sign of fake gold.

It is crucial to know how to distinguish real gold from fake, especially if permanent teeth are an investment. This is the best way increase your teeth’s lifespan.

Are you still unsure about permanent gold teeth? You can ask your questions in the comments section.

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