how to tie an anklet

How to put on an anklet

Ankle bracelets make a beautiful piece of jewelry. Anklets can elevate any casual outfit. You’re lucky if you already have some anklets in your jewelry collection.

You’re in luck if you don’t have any anklets. This means that you have more reasons to buy them. There are some things you should know about wearing an ankle bracelet. An anklet bracelet is not something you can wear with every outfit and for every occasion.

No matter what type of ankle bracelet you own, tying it can be done quickly and easily. If you prefer a knot you can easily alter, you should choose a sliding knot. This is an excellent alternative if the anklet needs to be taken off quickly. If you intend to wear your anklet for a long time, the basic knot will hold it in place. If your anklet has two threads and a loop, you can choose the loop method. You can keep your anklet in one of these options for as long or as you wish.

Making a sliding knob

1. The anklet’s ends should be wrapped around your ankle. The anklet’s centre should be in front of your ankle. Wrap each end of the anklet around the back of your ankle, connecting at the front.

  • This knot works best on anklets with at least 3 inches (7.6cm) of extra cord on each end.
  • You can tie this knot with any type of cable or thread.

2. You can make a small loop with your fingers. Make it 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) away from the anklet’s ends. Make a loop of about 0.5 inches (1.3cm) diameter by holding the anklet in one hand. If the rope is thick, make the loop slightly bigger so there is an obvious hole in the middle.

If your cord is too short, make the loop 1″ (2.5 cm) above the end of the cord.

3. The cord’s ends should be wrapped twice around the base. Wrap the cord’s end around the anklet string, and then wrap it over the base. To create a strong loop, repeat this step.

  • Wrap the cable using the loop end.

4. Pull the cord’s ends through the loop. Tighten it. Then, pull the loop towards the anklet and tighten. You will need to tie the knot on both the one and the other side of your anklet.

  • If necessary, trim the cord’s ends so you don’t trip on it.

5. Repeat the process on the opposite side of the anklet. Create a loop using the cable’s other end. To seal the knot, wrap one end of the cord around a loop and then tuck it in. These knots can be very difficult to untangle.

  • Use a pair of scissors to trim any excess cord.

6. You can adjust the size of the anklet by sliding the knots backwards and forwards. If you wish to make the anklet larger, or to remove it from your hand, you can pull the knots apart.

  • This anklet knot is perfect if you are giving it as a gift. The recipient can simply adjust the size to make the most of the anklet.

A Simple Knot

1. Secure the ends of the anklet by pinching them together. This allows you to adjust the tightness of the anklet. In warm weather, ensure you can slide at least one finger under your anklet. This allows your ankle to expand.

  • To make it easier to tie your angle, keep the ends in front of yourself.

2. To create a “4” loop, wrap the anklet around your ankle and pinch it in one hand.

  • It is easiest to use your dominant hand to loop the ends.

3. Pull the anklet’s ends through the loop that you have made. Then, pull the cord tight. The knot will secure the anklet by releasing your grip.

  • If necessary, trim the ends of the anklet to achieve the desired length.

Tieing a Bracelet to an Existing Loop

1. The loop should have both pieces of thread. Wrap the anklet around the foot, and pull the threads through it. To tighten the anklet, pull the threads taut. The lower thread should be dangled below your ankle bone. Keep the upper thread up.

  • This works well with anklets with a larks head buckle or half-hitch knot buckle that have woven loops at the one end. You should tie two braids or threads around the loop at the opposite end.

2. After pushing the loop through, pull the top thread down. It should be parallel to the other thread. Pull the thread taut to secure the knot.

  • Place the thread on your right ankle to determine which one is which.

3. The other thread can be used to re-enter the loop. After pushing the thread into the loop, pull the left end of the thread through the other side. To make it easier to distinguish the threads, hold it above your ankle.

  • If the anklet feels loose, tighten the thread.

4. Pull the top thread into the loop. Then, poke the same thread through the loop once more. Next, place the end of the thread at the bottom. Pull the string tight to keep it in place.

  • If you want your anklet to be extra secure, double-knot both threads.

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