What Is A TW Diamond? What you need to know

What is DW or Diamond Weight (DW). What is it different from Diamond Total Weight (DTW).

An ornament made of diamonds is a combination of many settings. This piece of jewelry may have several crystals or gemstones. To grade and weigh the diamonds in ornaments, jewelers use the TW rating system.

What is a TW-diamond? TW is the total carat weight of multiple sets of diamonds. The CT TW is the total weight of all diamonds in your jewelry.

This article explains and analyzes everything you need to know concerning TW diamond. You can also find other meanings for the abbreviations used to describe diamond.

Understanding the Abbreviations of Diamond Ratings

It is difficult to shop for diamonds. A few abbreviations can sound like math jargon, besides the large sums you have set aside for precious jewelry. Understanding each of these abbreviations is key to getting the ring you desire without compromising quality.

Diamond TW Vs Diamond CW, CT Vs CT Vs TTTW

  • Diamond W : The stands for Total Weight of Diamonds. It is the total weight of all diamonds within a piece.
  • Diamond CW – Also known as Diamond Carat Weight, it is the weight of a single piece of diamond.
  • Diamond CT is the Carat weight for one diamond.
  • Diamond CTTW This abbreviation refers to the carat and total weight of all diamonds in one jewel .

These four may seem confusing. Let’s take a look at the summary.

  • TW and CT TW are the Carat Total Weigh of all multiple Diamonds in a Jewel added together.
  • DW, CT and CW represent the weight of one diamond gemstone.

How Important Is It To Differentiate Between CW and TW


Carat weight does not equal Total weight. Carat weight refers to the total weight of a whole diamond stone. The total weight is the sum of many diamond weights. You can understand the difference in price if you differentiate the two.

A ring with one large diamond will be more valuable than a ring that has many smaller diamonds. Carat weight (CW) is the measurement of a diamond, while Total weight (TW) is the measure for a ring that has many smaller diamonds.

Carat total weight (CTWT) refers to real diamonds. It is the weight of all diamonds in one large diamond. This weight only applies to diamonds, and does not include any other stones, such as opal, a or pearls. Jewelers can measure lab-made diamonds however CT TW is used.

CT TW is the carat total weight. 1/15 CTTW refers to the combined carat weights for diamonds in jewelry. It is 15 points.

There are differences between Diamond TW and Diamond CW

Diamond TW Diamond CW
Weights of small diamonds in aggregate One large diamond stone weighs approximately 1.2 lbs.
Carat weight has less value than Carat weight TW is more valuable than diamonds
The measure is in points Measurements in full carat

What is Diamond CT?

CT stands for Carat. It is the weight of a genuine diamond. A carat is equal to 200 milligrams. Each carat has 100 subdivisions or points. It is possible to measure to the hundredth decimal unit with precision thanks to the points.

Diamond CT TW

CT TW is important because it allows you to distinguish the weight of diamonds from their weight. It is the sum of the carats and the total weight of many diamonds combined on one piece of jewelry.

What you need to know about CT TW

  • CTTW cannot provide the exact diamond prices .

The CTTW of the accent and center diamonds will determine the final price of jewelry. Two identical rings may have the same CTTW number, but they might be sold at different prices.

  • CTTW indicates the weight of two studs and not one.

This concept can help you choose the right ring for you if you are looking for a ring with a higher CT W. If each stud has 1 CT W calibration, then the total pair will be 1 CT TW. This concept is often overlooked by shoppers who lose money.

  • CTTW refers to the weight of multiple diamonds in your rings.

CT TW does not represent the weight of one large stone. The weight does not include other types of gems, such as emeralds or sapphires. Pearl, emerald or sapphire are not included in the weight.

CT TW VS. CARAT: What’s the Difference?

Carat total weight (CTTW) differs from carat. Carat refers to the weight of one piece of diamond. CT TW, on the other hand, is the total weight of small diamonds in a piece. These weights do not reflect the size of a piece of diamond or a single diamond.

What is DW or Diamond Weight (DW). What is it different from Diamond Total Weight (DTW).

What is DW or Diamond Weight (DW). What is it different from Diamond Total Weight (DTW).

Although they sound similar, these two concepts are very different. A DW is the weight one single diamond stone. This weight is important, but it’s not all that you should look for in diamonds.

The size of a diamond determines its weight. However, identical sizes don’t necessarily mean the same weight. Although the stones may weigh the same, their appearances might be different. If a ring is marked with a 1 DW it means that the ring contains a one-carat diamond. A small diamond does not have to weigh more than 1 carat.

What about the DTW?

What about the DTW?

DTW stands for Diamond Total Weight. It is the total weight of all natural diamonds included in a piece. A ring that has 1 DTW does not mean a single-carat diamond. It is a combination of multiple diamonds that makes up the total carat.

1/10 (0.1%) CT TW Diamond is The Weight Of A Diamond Diamond Stone As 10 Points.

CTTW is the sum of smaller diamonds within a piece. It can also be represented in points. The carat’s diameter is 3.02×3.02×1.82mm. Points are 100 parts of a single carat. This means that 1/100th of a carat equals 0.01. A 0.1-carat diamond’s value is approximately $70 to $100 depending on its clarity, color and cut.

Carat Total Weight (Ct. Tw.)

What does Ct. Tw mean if your diamond earrings have Ct. These abbreviations signify Carat Total Weight. This will indicate the sum of all the individual diamonds in the pair. You will find an abbreviation such as 2 CTW rings, which is combined with carat weight and not 4 CTW. Each ring will have 1 Carat Total weight.

Total Carat Weight (CTTW) and Diamond Prices

The price of a diamond is determined by its total carat weight (CT TW). CT is for carat and TW is for total weight. CTTW stands for carat total weight. It is the metric value used to measure the weight of diamonds in jewelry.

Carat weight is a key factor in the size and shape of any diamond crystal. Prices for a diamond stone with a weight of the same as small ones on a ring will vary.

This means that a 1 Ct diamond is worth more than a 1 CTTW. Large diamonds are rare and therefore command high prices.

Carat Size vs. Diamond Size

Diamonds are evaluated based on their weight, not their size. The size of a diamond does not necessarily correlate with its carat weight. A large-sized diamond may have more carats than a smaller one. A diamond may look smaller or larger due to variations in its cut and shape. However, the carat weight can vary.

Don’t choose a diamond based upon a diagram with large diameters or a larger carat weight. These are inaccurate and will disappoint. Gemstone experts recommend that shallow diamonds of less than 1 carat weight be chosen.

Meaning of Points in Diamonds

Rare are diamonds that weigh 1 carat. They are rarer than smaller ones, so it makes sense to use points instead of carats. 100 points make up a carat, while a point is one hundredth of a Carat. A diamond 0.2 is one fifth of a carat.

What Carat Weight Has an Impact on the Value of Diamonds

Price is determined by the weight of a diamond measured in carats. Rarely will you find a diamond stone that weighs more than one carat. It will be rare to find one or more carats of diamond. If it is, it will likely trade at a higher price than smaller diamonds.

Even though the weight of small diamonds is the same as large stones, it will still have a lower value. A 1-carat cluster ring can be compared to a 1-carat solitaire. Both weigh the same but the solitaire costs several times more than the cluster.

The solitaire has a weight of a full-carat, while the weight of the clusters is half that.


What Is the Value of a 1/10 TW Diamond.

First, you need to be aware that 1/10 is a collectible amount of small diamonds. It’s a tenth carat. It is approximately 2.0 grams in weight and has a value of between $70 and $100.

What is the Size of a 1/10 Carat Diamond in

A 1/10 carat diamond is one tenth of its actual weight. A.10 carat diamond has a size of 10 Carats and measures 14x14x8.44mm.

How to Tell a Real Diamond by Using a Flashlight?

It is simple to tell if a diamond has genuine gems by using a flashlight. You can see the sparkle of a diamond with your naked eye by using the light. You can observe light reflections by placing your stone under a lamp.

You’ll see fire-like, brilliant, and scintillation reflections. Diamonds are real diamonds that reflect light. They give off a brilliant rainbow of sparkles and bright shimmers.

How do I rate or value my diamond necklace?

You should consider the cost per carat if you have a diamond necklace you wish to rate. Your jewelry will be less valuable if you compare diamonds because the carat weights of each one are different.

Each stone has a carat weight. It would be a good idea to divide the costs of each stone and divide them by their carat weight. This will give you the price per carat.

A diamond weight estimator is a handy tool to determine the exact value of your jewelry. This sheet includes cutouts of different shapes and sizes. It is a diamond size and carat weight estimator.


Now you know what a TW diamond is. When you go to purchase any piece of diamond jewellery, you will know how to find the right price, composition, and ratio. You now know what TW diamond is. A complex arrangement of many settings is called a diamond decoration. A piece of jewelry with multiple gemstones or crystals requires that you count them all. To grade and weigh ornaments, jewelers use TW diamond ratings. This post explains and analyzes everything you need to know about TW diamond.

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