10 ways to fold napkins with rings

10 ways to fold napkins with rings

Isn’t napkin folding fun? You might be saying, “Only if you know how!” You’ll be surprised to learn that napkin folding isn’t as difficult as you think.

We will show you 10 different ways to fold your napkin using a ring. You will be given step-by-step instructions for different napkin-folding techniques, using a ring. There are many options and you can choose any of them.

1. Bow Napkin with Ring

Doesn’t that sound cool? It is also very easy to do. To fold a napkin in a bow, you can use either of these two methods.

Method 1: First, form a triangle by joining two opposite corners. Fold the joint corner back up to 3/4 the triangle, and then fold the base twice upwards to form a thin boat shape. Fold both ends at a 45o angle.

Final step: Insert a napkin ring starting at one end and working your way to the middle. Congratulations! Congratulations!

Method 2: We’ve come up with an alternative if you thought the first method was too complicated. This method produces a napkin in the shape of a bow tie, as opposed to the first.

Fold the corner up and towards the middle. Repeat this for the other corner. Roll the napkin on both sides to the midpoint, and then secure it with a ring. Insert the ends of your napkin into the ring.

2. Use a single napkin to make two feathery leaves

Even though this napkin form sounds fancy, it is easy to fold a cloth into a feathery leave without origami knowledge.

Start by folding the napkin in half, then backwards. Continue until you reach the middle. Repeat the process with the other side of the napkin. Start at the opposite corner.

Holding the middle of the napkin in your hand, flip the two folded halves to the opposite side and then sandwich them back together.

Then, with the thumb or the finger in the middle, pull the two sides together. Insert a ring into the ring, by pushing out the center using your thumb.

You can add a finishing touch on your napkin so that its folds are more visible once it is placed on the table.

3. Fold your napkin into a cone-shaped shape

First, join two opposite corners to create a triangle. Join the two base corners of the triangle at the tip to form a diamond. Fold the napkin into a diamond shape and fold the shorter side so that it is aligned with the longer one. This will give you a pointed edge. You can now secure the shape using a napkin ring.

4. Fold your napkin into a fan

This is the easiest way to fold a cloth napkin. Start by folding the napkin in accordion folds. Keep the folded napkin in place.

Fold the napkin into half, and place a napkin band about an inch from the folded edge. Then, place the napkin onto the table. Make the folds even more noticeable by adding a finishing touch.

5. Make a Leaf

This is how you fold a napkin to create two feathered leaf shapes. The result is a single napkin in the form of a leaf. Fold the napkin in half diagonally, forming a triangle. Fold the triangle in two by joining the base corners to form a smaller triangle.

Fold one half of the triangle accordion-style. Repeat the process on the opposite side. Rotate the towel and repeat. Last, align the bottom edge of the napkin with the napkin ring.

6. Make A Dress

You read that right! Even your napkin can be turned into a beautiful dress. To do this, fold the napkin in half first. Fold your napkin back and forth in accordion-style folds, starting at the closed end.

Fold the napkin pleated in half, just like you would when folding your napkin to a fan. Insert a ring until the middle of your napkin reaches.

Spread the top section into two sections to flatten the folded area. Fold the flat section slowly inwards. Press the edge of the napkin tip hard to emphasize the pointed edges.

7. Just Roll and Secure Your Napkin

This is one of most basic ideas for napkin folding. You can create two different shapes for your napkin by rolling it and securing. The two methods are easy to follow and produce unique napkin shapes.

Method 1: Fold your napkin into a quarter-square. Roll the napkin from the one side to the center. Repeat this process for the opposite side. Insert a napkin-ring into the shape until it reaches its center. It’s so easy to follow, isn’t it?

Method 2: This method begins by folding the napkin into a triangular shape. Take the bottom of the triangle, and roll it up to the top. Then, fold in half the napkin and slide the napkin ring down from the folded part until it is about an inch into the napkin.

8. Fold Your Napkin into a Maple Leaf

Fold your Napkin into Maple Leaf. Start by folding the corners of the bottom diagonally to the center and the top horizontally to the middle. Flip your napkin over and turn it 180o. Fold the napkin’s top edge along the middle line.

At this point, your napkin should look like a sombrero with a small pointed tip. Fold one corner of the base of the upper layer so that it forms a fold along with the bottom corner’s center and the corner above. Repeat the process for another corner.

Flip the napkin over and ensure that it has three peaks. Fold the napkin accordion style and twist the napkin 90o. Then, using a napkin ring to secure the bottom, you are done!

9. Prepare A Fleur-De-Lis Napkin

The French term Fleur-de-lis is translated into English as ‘Flower of the Lily’. It’s a decorative symbol which resembles an stylized lily. It is surprising how easy it is to fold your napkin in a Fleur de lis symbol, despite the fact that it may sound complicated.

Fold your napkin into a rectangular shape. Fold half the rectangle diagonally to the middle line. Repeat this process with the other half so that the napkin is a triangle.

Fold the corners diagonally up so that the napkin looks like . Fold the corners halfway down the slant. At this point, a quick ironing will help the napkin keep its shape.

Use elegantly folded Flor-de-lis napkins to decorate your table.

10. Pinch and Secure

This technique is for you if you found the previous ring-folding techniques too complicated and quit in the middle. If you want to use this method with fancy napkin rings, it is perfect. This method is simple to follow as it only involves two steps.

First, pinch the napkin in the middle. Then, insert the ring into the center of the napkin. This technique is simple, but the result is elegant.

Ironing the napkin before decorating it will make your decoration stand out. You can also iron your napkin between folding to create more prominent creases.

You can read more about it here:

We have shown you a variety of ways to fold a cloth napkin using a ring. You should try the method that most appeals to you.

These simple methods are useful for any occasion, whether you enjoy folding napkins in your spare time or you need some tips and tricks to prepare for an upcoming event.

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