how to make anklets with string

Test the length

Ankle bracelets remind us of the summer sun with long flowing skirts and the scent of freshly cut grass. They’re a symbol of friendship and an original accessory that can be incorporated into any outfit. They’re simple to create at home, and are ideal gifts for family members or friends. With the right equipment and creativity you’ll create stunning ankle bracelets in just a few minutes.

Method1Making Twisted Staircase Ankle Bracelets

Making Twisted Staircase Ankle Bracelets

1. Get your supplies together. To create your ankle-band you’ll need string. You can choose only one color or a variety. Three pieces of string to make this kind an ankle bracelet. The string is available in craft stores. When selecting the colors, you need to pick a color that is either meaningful to the person who you’re making the ankle bracelet for , or simply complements each other.

  • Strings of vibrant color
  • Scissors
  • Tape-measure
  • Safety pins or tape

2. Find your ankle measurement. Utilizing an instrument, place it around your ankle where you would like the ankle bracelet to rest. Then, add 6 inches (15.2 centimeters) to the measurement. This leaves plenty of space to tie the ankle bracelet. Cut the string here.

Find your ankle measurement

3. Create an elastic band. Join all three strings in a tie at the top. Leave one inch of space above the knot to ensure you can knot it once more after you’ve completed an ankle bracelet.

Tie a knot

4. Attach your string. Tape or an anchoring pin to secure your string. Connecting it to something stable makes it simpler to use. It is possible to attach it to anything that holds it in place.

  • That leg on your pant
  • A binder
  • The table
  • A pillow

Anchor your string

5. Start your staircase. With your strings secured to the sides, and grab hold from two strings. Make sure to hold them straight, then wrap the third string around them and tie it in knot. You’ll be able observe the knot on one other side. With the same thread repeat the process 10 times.

  • Make sure you hold the two strings in your center as straight and tightly as you can. This will make the knots a lot easier since they will stay clear of your staircase.

Start your staircase

6. Change colors. Pick the next color after having reached the size that you would like for the first. Keep the two other strings straight, and then use the newly chosen color for tying knots around the knots. Repeat this process for 10 knots. Continue this staircase until the entire length of your ankle.

  • If you find that your knot isn’t placed properly, you can remove it. But this becomes harder and harder as your staircase tightens as you progress; so take note of the error early.

Switch colors

7. Examine the length. When you have about 4 inches extra of string, measure the ankle band. If it’s not sufficient, proceed with your stairwell and test it again after you’ve completed the color.

Test the length

8. Make a knot and cut. Once the ankle bracelet is long enough, wrap to your own ankle or around the one of your loved ones you’re gifting it to. Utilize a knot that is strong and cut the string off.

Tie and cut

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