How Much Is A Nose Ring?

How Much Is A Nose Ring

When you make the decision to have your nose pierced, it is important that you calculate the cost of both the jewelry and the piercing process. It isn’t as expensive as piercing other parts of the body. Nose rings are often made from precious metals so they can be more expensive.

There are many options for nose piercing. It is important to choose the right size nose ring and how much it costs . Once you have found the perfect piece of jewelry, you can now find a master to beautify your nose.

What is a Nose Ring?

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Many people choose to add a ring to their nose-piercing. A few models are used for nostril piercing:

  • L bend nose stud
  • Prong nose stud (nose bone)
  • Nose stud
  • Nose screw
  • Nose hoop

They look just like regular nose studs from the outside. You can choose the classic style if you prefer, but you cannot use the same model for your nostrils or your septum.

The nose ring that is right for you depends on many factors, but the most important one is your job. These jewelry pieces are elegant and fashionable, but they’re not the best choice for an attorney in courtroom.

Your nose will take approximately six months for healing. Do not change your ring within this time. It can be very painful to change the hook even after that. Another thing. You should also know that not all jewelry is interchangeable. Before you get your nose pierced, make sure to choose the right type of jewelry.

The Best Material for Nose Piercing

The Best Material for Nose Piercing

  • Implant-grade Steel – This body-safe option makes elegant, contemporary nose hoop and studs. This material is not hypoallergenic.
  • High-quality Nose Jewelry made of implant-grade titanium
  • 14K, 18K gold, and Sterling silver are all options. However these precious metals can be very valuable for jewelry making but should not be used in a new piercing. You can use a silver or golden hook once your piercing has healed, but not for long.
  • Gems Most nose studs have jewels, often opal or cubic Zirconia. You can also find a hook that has the embedded gemstone.

Some jewelry shops even offer high-quality, platinum-plated nose jewelry.

These are the factors that determine the overall cost

These are the factors that determine the overall cost

As I mentioned above, the total price includes the jewelry as well as the piercing in an authorized studio.

Piercing Studio

If you’d prefer to purchase the nose ring at a jewelry shop, you should also know that most top-notch piercing studios include jewelry as part of their piercing packages. You will need to pay $10-$50 more if you are looking for something unique than the basic models.

Most piercing professionals will advise you to keep the default jewelry until your nose heals completely. You can then change the ring or choose the jewelry that you prefer.

You should consider a piercing salon that offers aftercare services and products. This will speed up the healing process. If you don’t, an aftercare service can cost between $20 and $60. Remember that the piercer will ask for a standard gratuity of 5% to 15%.

Studio owners may offer discounts for repeat customers or piercings that are consecutive, such as the nose, ears, and navel.

Piercing Studio Location

The cost of nose piercing will be affected by the location of the studio. Because of the fierce competition, most studios are located in urban areas and offer attractive discounts.

The lowest price does not necessarily mean you get the best deal. The contrary may be true. A cheap piercer might not follow safety guidelines or provide proper service. Be careful and only choose a professional who is trustworthy and has good recommendations.

Piercing Studio Popularity

Piercing Studio Popularity

The internet, social media and digital marketing have made it easier than ever to find a reputable piercer. Forums and reviews can help you assess the quality of their work.

Remember that a studio’s popularity usually results in a higher price. However, nose piercing should not be a bargain, especially if you are looking for more complex procedures.

Jewel Material

Studious will offer stainless steel as an initial jewelry material for nose piercing. This option is not recommended as it contains high nickel content, which can be irritating for allergy sufferers.

Poor quality sterling Silver is also a problem. This metal can cause dark spots on the skin’s nose. Always choose titanium or 316L stainless steel implant-grade stainless and steel if you have allergies.

Jewelry material Price
Titanium $3
Stainless Steel $3.5
Sterling silver $7
14K yellow gold $28
14K rose gold $28
Solid platinum $62
Platinum diamond $62
Diamond $70

Each piece of jewelry will be priced according to the current market price. The nose is one of the most sensitive parts of your face. I recommend that you do not skimp on quality and buy the best nose rings .

You can also buy a diamond nose ring for a more extravagant look, but this will result in a higher cost of the jewelry.

Different types of Piercing


This is the most popular place to pierce your nose. It can be done on either side of your nose. However, if you’re a woman, it will likely affect your reproductive organs.

Ayurveda practitioners believe such piercings can aid in childbirth. You should choose a nose ring that is 18-20 gauges.

Nose Ring Gauge

Gauge Millimeters
00 9.266
0 8.251
2 6.544
4 5.189
6 4.115
8 3.264
10 2.588
12 2.053
14 1.628
16 1.291
18 1.024
20 0.812

High Nostril

This unique style will allow you to have your nostrils pierced slightly higher than the standard nostril version. This position allows for delicate rings to achieve a better result.

Septum (Bull).

This piercing is very popular because it can be removed and changed as needed.


This is a difficult area to pierce. The process is complex and requires skillful piercers.


Because there is bone and cartilage, this can make it look quite scary. The needle will only pierce your skin so there’s no reason to be concerned.

Nose Piercing Type Price
Nostril $25 to $80
Septum (bull). From $40 to $50
Septril From $40 to $60
Bridge From $40 to $95
High nostril From $50 to $80
Nasallang From $50 to $100
Vertical nose (rhino). From $50 to $100
Double nostril $60 to $85
Triple nostril From $60 to $100


To choose such a complex procedure, you must be unique. This piercing technique is not accepted by many piercers, particularly novices. You should seek out a true master.

To perform this tri-nasal procedure, he or she will have to pass through both the septum as well as both nostrils.

Vertical (Rhino).

This isn’t a common place to pierce, as your nose and veins must support it. It is expensive, complicated, and time-consuming. This procedure requires patience.

Piercer Experience

Before you go to the piercing salon, make sure to verify the qualifications, experience, and certificates of the professional piercer. The skill level of the piercer will impact the speed of the procedure, how much pain you feel, any irritation that may follow, as well as the aftercare.

While an expert piercer may be more expensive, it will still be worth every penny. He or she will make the procedure as painless as possible, with fewer complications.

Piercing Technique

To improve and achieve a good piercing technique, every piercer must learn. They must be able to work with different types of noses and different ways to pierce them. While some professionals may use piercing tools, the best ones use needles to accomplish the task.

There are many benefits to needles. They can be interchanged without any difficulty sterilizing. Additionally, hollow needles don’t cause tissue damage. This high-quality technique prevents complications by providing effective piercing.


Most cases the cost of a nose piercing is less than $100. However, it will vary depending on what type of jewelry and how experienced the piercer are, as well as the popularity and location at the studio.

Remember that a lower price can often mean that the ring or aftercare is not included or that the piercer does not have the necessary experience. You should prioritize quality over low prices because nose piercing can be difficult.

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