How Much Is 925 Silver Worth?

How Much Is 925 Silver Worth?

When selling or buying collectible 925 (sterling), silver jewelry or coins, the first thing you should do is to determine how much 925 silver is worth. There are many factors that can influence the value of 925 silver, such as the type of item, manufacturer and selling method.

You will then see the differences in the prices of pure silver, which is approximately $26 per troy-ounce, and 925 sterling silver, which is less valuable at $24 per troy-ounce. Sterling silver is only 92.5% pure silver. This explains the difference in prices. Let’s examine the matter closer.

Pure Silver vs. Sterling Silver

Pure Silver

Silver is the elements with the symbol Ag in. Pure (fine) Silver contains 99.9% pure elemental and 0.01% trace elements. You will find the markings.999,999 or 99.9 in the metal to indicate 99.9% of the silver.

This precious metal is very soft and it can be difficult to shape. It can be difficult to use silver for creating specific shapes, or any other item that is practical for everyday use.

These items are common and quickly lose their form, tarnish, or fade. Pure silver is not recommended for these purposes. After a while, the silver product will develop a dark, dirt-like layer due to its reaction with the gases in the air.

In most cases, you will only find fine, antique jewelry made of pure metal.

Sterling Silver

This precious metal is basically an alloy that makes sterling silver. Your sterling Silver jewelry contains only 92.5% of silver. The 7.5% remainder is usually copper, zinc or nickel.

You can be certain that the piece you are buying is sterling silver if you see a stamp.925 or 925, 92.5 or sometimes SS.

Silver becomes stronger and more durable with the addition of metals. You can find many products made from this alloy including:

  • Jewellery
  • Coffee sets
  • Silverware
  • Plates and platters
  • Items made of silver

As you can see the sterling silver items are much more extensive than those made from fine silver.

Avoid fraud when purchasing silver items. Silver-plated pieces are not made from sterling silver. They are made from an inexpensive metal and coated with a thin layer sterling silver.

One more difference exists between sterling silver and pure silver. Pure silver can tarnish quickly due to chemical reactions with gases in the air. Sterling silver will change its color more slowly.

What is 925 silver worth?

What is 925 silver worth?

You should first know that silver is measured in troy ounces or grams. Although you may see the term “ounce” used a lot, it is not an Imperial (avoirdupois), ounce that you use to measure everyday objects.

These are two different things, even though they have negligible differences in their values.

31.1 g = 1 troy ounce

One avoirdupois ounce equals 28.35 g

Sterling Silver Prices

The sterling silver value can vary from a few dollars to several hundreds of dollars depending on what you are selling or buying. You can expect to receive a fair price on the day you trade it. It has 92.5% of silver.

You should be aware that this value can change several times per day. To get the exact number, you will need to use one the many calculators available online. Scrap silver can also be sold, but the price is determined using a different system.

This is not the case with 925 silver pieces or antique jewelry. You also need to have enough money for finely crafted, luxurious, and collectible items like:

  • International
  • Jewelry, includes rings and necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and bracelets
  • Watches
  • Picture frames
  • Serving trays, cutlery and napkin rings are all examples of tableware.
  • Flutes

The price of their products will depend on several factors such as:

  • The current silver price and weight
  • Design and age of a piece
  • Addition of stones or other metals
  • Maker
  • You can sell one or more items.

Scrap Sterling Silver Prices

Scrap Sterling Silver Prices

There are no differences in the purity of silver bars or scrap silver. Sterling silver, like many other metals is also easily scrappable and can be sold at any time.

First, you must find a reliable dealer. Next, determine the troy ounce and gram payment. You may be able to get an offer per troy ounce, baht or tola for certain cases. However, this will depend on where you live and the market in which you intend to sell your silver.

You will need to be precise in calculating units in such cases.

1 Ounce = 0.91 troy Oz = 28.35 Grams

You should also remember that silver’s value fluctuates every day. This means you need to check the current price of silver before you trade, especially if you are selling a larger amount. Even in a single day, the variations can be substantial.

Remember that the item’s weight does not necessarily equal the amount of silver contained in it. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver. Therefore, you can only count on 92.5% of silver spot price.

You should also be aware of the dealer fee. The fee can vary from 2% to 20% depending on the transaction size.

Let’s do the math

As mentioned, sterling silver contains 92.5% pure silver. You need to determine the exact amount of silver in your jewelry and what price it will fetch when you sell it.

A simple formula can be used to estimate the value of sterling silver jewelry that weighs 26 grams (0.8359 troy troy ounces).

Jewelry weight in troy Ounces x Sterling Silver cost per Troy Ounce x 0.925

It will be:

0.8359 troy Ounces x $24.26x 0.925 = $18.7580

This sterling silver jewelry piece is worth $18.75, as you can see. Its price could be higher if the maker is well-known, if the jewelry is antique or has artistic value.

Authenticity Testing

To ensure that sterling silver contains at least 92.5%, it is important to verify it before you buy it. You can make a mistake quickly and end up with something silver-plated instead of the right thing.

This makes authenticity tests so important. These are the most popular:

  • Markings The first thing you should look for is a sterling silver, ster or 925 stamp in a discreet location. Manufacturers and jewelers use the inside of the ring to determine this.
  • Smell– You won’t notice a strong metallic smell when you smell genuine sterling silver.
  • Magnet Silver isn’t magnetic so a magnet won’t attract it. You will have a silver-plated item if it happens.
  • Wiping Silver oxidizes when it comes in contact with oxygen. A black mark left on a light-colored, soft-skinned cloth that has been used to lightly wipe silver is an indication of real silver.
  • Nitric Acid – This is the most common test used by jewelers. It won’t cause any color change to sterling silver and will not affect it. In contact with nitric acids, fake silver will become green.


You can either sell or buy sterling silver. However, it is important to verify its authenticity and current value. The goal should be to get the best price. You will need to determine the exact weight and the sterling silver value per ounce and gram. Add the special advantage of antique and collectible pieces.

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