8 Tips To Remove A Ring From A Swollen Finger

Tips To Remove A Ring From A Swollen Finger

It can be very distressing to have a ring on your finger. It’s possible that you have worn a smaller ring than you are, or you may have gained weight. If you’re only months away from having a baby, your ring could stick to your fat or swollen finger.

However, swollen fingers can also be caused by unfortunate traumas like finger fractures or insect bites. Don’t panic, however, because this article will cover everything you need to know in the event that you or your family members ever experience this problem.

We will be discussing emergency situations and how to remove a band from a swollen hand.

What are the best times to seek immediate medical help?

There is no home remedy for every problem. You should seek immediate medical attention if you notice any of these signs.

Broken Finger:

There are chances you may have broken a finger if you’re experiencing swelling due to physical trauma. In such cases, the normal reaction is extreme pain that follows by gradual swelling.

If this is the case, it’s best to not attempt any of these tips to remove the ring off your swollen fingers. Instead, see a doctor immediately.


A swollen finger can indicate abnormal blood circulation if it has a purple or reddish blotch on the skin. You should not attempt to remove the ring at your home if you notice mottling on your finger.

Bluish-Gray Color:

A ring that is grayish or purple-colored indicates that blood circulation has been impeded. If your finger feels swollen or numb, you should immediately go to the hospital for an emergency ring removal.

Capillary Refill Test

To monitor blood flow to the tissue, a capillary refill test can be performed. The swollen finger should be held at the top of your hand, above the heart. Press the fingernail or tip until it turns white.

The time it takes for the color’s to return is called capillary fill time. Capillary refill times are usually less than two seconds. Be smart if the color does not return in a timely manner and get medical attention as soon as you can.

These are some at-home emergency ring removal techniques:

Did you manage to eliminate the threatening conditions mentioned above? If so, take a deep breathe and be thankful that your fingers are safe. Then, use the following techniques to remove the ring from the swollen fingers.

1. Twist and Pull the Ring

When a ring becomes stuck, the worst mistake is to try and remove it immediately. Slowly twist the ring with a gentle upward force. This method may work if the swelling isn’t too severe.

2. Push the Ring and Press

If twisting the band didn’t work, press the swollen finger on the underside of the ring and push it upwards. Push the ring upwards from the upper end of your finger as the ring approaches your knuckle.

3. Dip Your Finger In Ice Water

If either of the two above methods fail, your finger may be severely swollen. For three to five minutes, dip your finger into ice-cold cold water. Alternativly, wrap an icepack around your finger. Chilling your swollen finger helps reduce excess fluid buildup.

After you have chilled your finger, you can twist and push the ring once again.

4. Method of Elevation

Submerge your finger in ice cold water for about a minute. Then, raise your hand to the top of your heart for a few minutes. When these two methods are combined, they will be more effective at reducing swelling.

Gravitation rushes blood from fingers when the hand is above the shoulder. After lowering your hand, remove your ring.

5. Lubrication

The most common method to take off a ring from a fat or swollen finger is lubrication. It’s simple: make your finger slippery by using a lubricating substance that reduces friction between the ring & the finger.

To make your fingers slippery, you can use plenty of hand lotion, oily moisturers, vegetable oil, butter and conditioner to make the ring slippery. Then, slowly twist the ring upwards.

6. Use a Surgical Glove

Surprised? The surgical glove can also be used to remove a stuck ring from a swollen fingers. This method is often preferred by doctors over the dental-floss because it is more painless and can be used even on a wound finger.

A surgical glove can be cut into a cylindrical shape and inserted into the finger. Use forceps or tongs to insert the cut glove between the finger and the band. The glove below the ring should now be turned inwards and gently pulled outwards.

This method can be made more effective by lubricating your gloves and pulling the gloves outwards.

7. Use the String-Wrap Method

This Harvard Medical School approved technique might work if none of these methods worked. Use a toothpick, a tweezer or a toothpick to insert one end of the string/dental floss under the ring. Wrap the string around your finger, starting just next to the ring.

Wrap the string evenly. Avoid wrapping too tightly, as this could cause further problems. Once you have passed the knuckle, wrap the string evenly and secure it.

Take the string end or floss you have inserted under your ring. Now unwrap the string in the exact same way you wrapped it. This will allow the ring to glide over the string easily.

This method can be difficult or overwhelming for someone to do alone so it is a wise decision to get help.

8. Use Nylon Cloth Or An Elastic

Some people find string-wrapping frightening because it can increase the pain you already feel due to a swollen fingers or a stuck ring. You can substitute string or dental floss by using a thin strip or elastic of nylon cloth. Then, insert the elastic under the ring.

Wrap the strip in a string wrap and then unwrap it exactly as you would with the string-wrap method. This method may not work as well as string-wrap because the elastic or cloth might be more difficult to wrap around the fingers. This eventually leads to friction with the ring.

You will need to be patient and not get too frustrated in these situations.

If you or your loved ones are ever in unfortunate circumstances, such as being stung by an insects or getting finger injuries, be sure to remind them to remove the rings as soon as possible.

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